First STEPS (Pistol) Course Description

The First STEPS course is designed for the beginning shooter. A knowledge of firearms is not assumed. Each student progresses at their own pace. Firearm basics and shooting techniques are covered in a 2-3 hour classroom setting. This is followed with a 1-hour range session where the student will demonstrate firearm safety by shooting 50 rounds of ammunition. During the range exercise, hands-on instruction is provided to assure that the student learns the correct methods for firing a pistol with full observance of all safety rules.

Course Length: 4 hours

Topics covered in the course include:
Pistol Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling Components of Pistol Cartridges
  - Revolver Knowledge Ammunition Malfunctions
  - Semi-Automatic Knowledge Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
Pistol Operation Maintenance and Cleaning
Safe Handling Procedures
Fundamental Gun Safety Rules Holster Selection